Class of 2018

Senior Pictures

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Our projects.


short film - supported by Sundance
Coming 2018

Fall Senior Portrait Sessions
September - November 2017

Indigenous Film Festival
August 5th 2017



At the core of our mission, video elevates our voices and deepens our storytelling. We work to tell original stories by the worlds original peoples.



Strengthening and empower young people to share their stories is the foundation we build our mission. The Indigenous youth are the future leaders of our people and safe-keepers of our heritage. Elevating, encouraging, and providing the opportunities for youth people to engage with video, photo, and digital media opens doors to a world of possibility and imagination. Their voices will change the world.



Photos are a capsule of memory and time. Capturing moments preserves our individual stories. We look forward to creating lasting pieces of history for families and generations to come. 


Team up with us.  

Indigenous voices and perspectives deepens the richness of original stories by original peoples. Let us collaborate to tell your story with truth and creativity.