Willi White

Co-Founder/Executive Producer
Filmmaker, photographer, creative by design.




Angel White Eyes

Co-Founder/Executive Producer
Photographer, filmmaker, bomb makeup artist.




Our Story.

Located on the Pine Ridge Reservation in southwestern South Dakota, Indigene Entertainment, LLC, doing business as Indigene Studios, is a Native-owned entertainment producing company for film, digital media, and more.

Co-founders (and besties) Willi White and Angel White Eyes, both members of the Oglala Sioux Tribe, recognized a significant need for more Indigenous and Native representation and perspectives in entertainment and media—and so Indigene was officially formed in August of 2016.

Indigene: /ˈɪn dɪˌdʒin/ (noun), an indigenous or native person.

We’re on a journey to reimagine the narrative of Indigenous and Native peoples in media by building a wick (read: transformative) film, digital media, and creative arts production and distribution collective on the Pine Ridge Reservation from the ground up.


To reclaim Indigenous storytelling and indigenize entertainment.


Redefining the narrative of Indigenous peoples with original content that empowers, preserves, and sustains our stories, while fostering collaboration with Native artists, Tribal Nations, and creative allies to support new storytelling and provide our communities with access to media resources and services that advances Native entertainment.